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Our Story

Harmony can be found in the balance between the basic elements.

Fire and Water. Earth and Air. At Amami, it is the basic elements of a restaurant that come together, creating a harmonious balance between menu and atmosphere that nurture the body and satisfy the mind. From the resourceful decor of reclaimed wood, preserved tree trunks and living plants, to the ultra-clean and mineralized Kaiki water filtration system, Amami embodies the meaning behind its name, sweetness from the heavens.

Owner, Nick Wang came to America in 1993 and worked his way to prominence. From kitchen porter to Executive Sushi Chef, from delivery boy to successful restaurant owner of Williamsburg's Ako Sushi, Nick learned from the ground up that a restaurant is only as successful as its foundation. This tutelage shaped his perspective, teaching him to focus on the basics and to build upon that. And so, Amami's menu includes the pillars of Japanese cuisine, Yakitori, Izakaya, Sushi and Ramen. Nick's kitchen presents food that is reflective in its quality, humble in its simplicity and sophisticated in its taste.

The philosophy behind Amami is a simple one. Focus not on profits and margins, but rather on the guests. Keep them coming back and the money will come. Source Kobe Beef and other high-quality, free-range meats. Use meticulously farmed and healthy fish from the vendors that have been dedicating their finest to Nick for over 20 years. And turn the money made back into the restaurant, back to the guests, always improving, always learning and never becoming complacent. These are the things that Nick has learned throughout his life and this is the foundation upon which Amami is built.




Everyday: 12pm-4pm

Sunday-Thursday: 4pm-10pm
Friday-Saturday: 4pm-11pm

57 Nassau Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11222
(Between Guernsey & Lorimer Street)

(917) 909-1568